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The aim of the course is to enable qualified nurses who are registered with the GDC to become fully competent in assisting with the placement of dental implants. Modules include: Applied science of anatomy and physiology Implant treatment planning, including...

The aim of the course is to enable qualified nurses who are registered with the GDC to become fully competent in assisting with the placement of dental implants.

Modules include:

  • Applied science of anatomy and physiology
  • Implant treatment planning, including assessment, impression taking, and photography
  • The role of chairside and surgical support
  • Health and safety
  • Infection control/decontamination
  • Instrumentation equipment and materials
  • Aims, risks and procedures involved with dental implant placement
  • Oral health in implant therapy
  • Record keeping
  • Interdisciplinary role
  • Medico-legal issues
  • Medical emergencies
  • Advanced surgical procedures


12 Months

Course Date: 

(th sept 2023 

Who is it for

The Certificate in Implant Nursing is suitable for dental nurses who assist in implant procedures you must be GDC registered and hold a valid dental nursing qualification.


As part of the course you must be able to complete the following:

Part A:  Log Sheets

Surgical procedures - Candidates must complete a minimum of 10 PC (Practical Competence) sheets to provide evidence of their involvement in 10 fixture placement procedures (10 patients). In addition evidence of 5 augmentation procedures involving hard or soft tissues, which may be at the same time as fixture placement.

Restorative cases - Candidates must complete a minimum of 6 PC sheets to provide evidence of their involvement in various stages of a range of types of implant:

3 Crowns, 2 Bridges and 1 Denture.

Maintenance of an implant - Candidates must complete a minimum of 5 log sheets to provide evidence of instructions given to patients on the maintenance of an implant.

Part B:  Expanded Case Studies

Candidates must complete 2 case studies covering:  (surgical phase of implant treatment, restorative phase of implant treatment)

The each case study must be 1500-2000 words, including a reflective commentary and must show evidence of a literature review.

Part C: Directly Clinical Skills assessments (DOCS)

Candidates will be expected to complete 5 of each range for each of the following:

  • 5 Intra-oral Photography (of 5 individual patients)
  • 5 Extra-oral Photography ( of 5 individual patients)
  • 5 Mixing a non-alginate impression material and loading the impression tray 

The assessment and internal moderation of the Record of Competence is undertaken by Connect-Dental and externally verified by the NEBDN.

Part D: Supplementary Outcomes (SO)

Candidates must complete each of the SO to a level deemed satisfactory by the Course Provider. The SO will allow the candidate to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of areas of the syllabus in which they may not be able to gain experience or which it may not be possible to assess by other means. The content of the SO will be reviewed regularly by NEBDN but and currently include:

  • Taking intra-oral and Extra-oral clinical photographs
  • Records of continuing professional development relating to dental implant nursing e.g. background reading, meeting, course etc.

The SO will be assessed by the course provider to NEBDN marking guides and may be further sampled by NEBDN. Only when it is satisfactory will you be entered for the examination.


Knowledge and understanding are assessed by a written examination, taken at Connect-Dental Training Centre in Reading.

The examination consists of:

  • Internal assessment of the Record of Competence including external moderation undertaken by NEBDN
  • 90-minute written examination consisting of 45 multiple choice questions (MCQs) and 35 extended matching questions (EMQ)

This course is fully accredited by the NEBDN in 2015. The NEBDN audit the course every year to ensure standards are maintained. 

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For more detailed information about the course please email admin@connect-dental.co.uk or call 01344 952505 and we will send you a prospectus.

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