Work out the type of role you’re looking for
Before you choose the right agency you need to determine what you’re looking for. You might need a temporary role, locum work or you might be looking for that next permanent step on the career ladder. Which agency you go for depends on your specific needs.


Choose between mass market or specialist
A large national agency might have a bigger pool of jobs to put you forward for, but a smaller, more specialist company is likely to understand your particular industry and needs better. The specialist agency is likely to have greater knowledge of your specific sector and will tailor the right positions for your needs.


Make a shortlist
Do your own research online to find a shortlist of suitable companies and then review their own websites. Make sure you determine their level of professionalism, service, ethics and roles available as much as possible before making any further decisions.


Obtain testimonials and references
Check out testimonials and reviews/ratings on their website and social media. Ask friends, colleagues or contacts which employment agencies they would recommend. Third party recommendations play a crucial role in really determining which agency will work best for you.


Speak to some
Although you might not register with each employment agency, calling and speaking to recruiters will give you a feel for each agency’s communication styles and placement services.

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