The New Year is an excellent time to put some of your ideas into practice, to make a reality of your dreams. If you have been considering a change of career, are planning to return to work after some time off, or even if you have started work in a dental surgery and are interested in pursuing a role as a dental nurse, then an introductory dental nursing course may be the right practical solution for you.

The role of a dental nurse is an interesting and varied one. There are number of skills that any prospective dental nurse needs to develop to enjoy the job and do it well. For example, it is very much a job about working with people, so excellent people skills are a must. Likewise, working in a busy practice means being able to work with a variety of different professionals, so team working is essential. On a practical level, it is important to have good manual dexterity, eyesight and colour vision too, as these will be called upon regularly in the job.

A great dental nurse shows a willingness to learn new things, and an ability to understand and apply scientific knowledge. They also need to be able to communicate clearly with others and impart knowledge and advice to clients where and when necessary.

So, if you have these skills or think you can develop them, a good starting point is to that attend a short course gives you an overview of the job requirements. This is also useful for returning to practice if there has been a period of leave. With a one day short course you can expect to look at topics such as these:

  • Working in a Dental Team
  • Health and Safety
  • Infection Control
  • Radiography
  • Record Keeping and Surgery Routine
  • Medical Emergencies

Whilst a one day course cannot go into tremendous detail in any of the topics, it will give you enough information to either refresh your memory, or give you an indication whether it will be the right job for you. Once in the role, there are several more detailed training courses and diplomas available.

Dental nursing is a very rewarding career that is enjoyed both full and part time by many people. If you would like to know more about dental nursing and are interested in a short course to gather more information, please call us on 0118 901 6910 or contact us at Connect Dental.

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