Choose a chain or independent specialist
National chains may mean brand recognition and a cheaper charges but specialist agencies will understand your industry in much greater detail and are more likely to give you priority to ensure you come back only to them in the future.


Check the screening process
How does the agency vet it’s candidates? Are they always meeting or talking to them face to face? A good recruitment company will ensure that they have a high quality selection of suitable candidates on their books and will only offer you those that closely match the required profile.


Ask for references and testimonials
Solid testimonials and references can help separate the good from the great. Delve into details of what people have to say about their experiences with the agency, is there a consistent point of contact, are they honest and trustworthy? This part of the process should really help you refine your selection.


Meet them in person
Don’t be afraid to arrange a meeting. A good agency will take the time to meet you in person, or at the very least have an in depth phone conversation. Arm yourself with the key questions you want to ask and really get to know them. After all they’re working for you and should be a real asset to your business.


Think long term
A good agent will work at building long term relationships. It’s a small world. Your reputation must be safeguarded by the agent who is describing your company and the job to potential employees now and in the future. A good reputation can be long in the making but sadly quick to lose.

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